About Us

The South Bay Heritage Museum is a Chapter and part of The Friends of the Chula Vista Library and has operated the museum since 2015 in order to locate, collect, display, preserve and record materials of local historic importance for Chula Vista and the South Bay Area.

The South Bay Historical Society operated the Museum since 2015. The museum was moved to the Chula Vista Library in 2015, when the museum building in Memorial Park on 3rd Ave. was demolished. The museum began in 1993 in the old Chamber of Commerce building at 360 Third Avenue. Frank Roseman created the museum at the request of the city/library in 1993 with assistance from John Rojas and other volunteers.

When the museum building was demolished in 2015, the Museum and historical documents were moved into the C.V Civic library and CVHS (Chula Vista Heritage Society) entered into a MOU with the Friends of the Library to operate the museum. Chula Vista Heritage Society works in conjunction with the South Bay Historical Society to promote and preserve the history of our community.

The first South Bay Historical Society was founded in 1958 by Irene Phillips, who wrote a regular column in the National City Star-News. It disbanded after her death in 1972. John Rojas and Ruby Peters Machado founded the Chula Vista Historical Society in 1981, and it disbanded after the death of Rojas in 2000. In August 2013, the South Bay Historical Society was re-established by Susan Walter, Stephen VanWormer and Steven Schoenherr.

Every year a new topic is exhibited at the museum. This year, we will be remembering the Holocaust. In 2021 the Chula Vista Fire Department will celebrate their centennial and in 2022 the Filipino community in the South Bay will share their history.