A Love Story

Ruth Goldschmiedova was 7 years old when she met her distant cousin Kurt Sax, then age 12.  He was studying for his Bar Mitzvah from Ruth’s Grandfather on her father’s side.  The 2 were distantly related through her Great Grandparents.  “If he wasn’t boxing me, he was kissing me, “Ruth would tell her students.

Kurt eventually was thrown out of Austria in 1939 and came to America.  The Goldschmied home was invaded in 1939 and then Ruth and family went to their first camp, Theresienshadt, in 1941.  The Goldschmied family was able to reunited during liberation in 1945.

Ruth was on a train and heard 2 people speaking English.  Ruth had studied a few words and began a conversation with them.  Ruth learned that the ladies were from New York.  Ruth asked the ladies if she knew of Dr. Rudy Kurtz, a cousin that lived in New York as well.  It turned out that Ruth’s cousin was their doctor.  Ruth begged the ladies to take a letter back to her “Dr.” cousin and let him know that she survived the camps.

Within 6 months Ruth received a letter from Kurt Sax. Kurt just happen to be at a party that Dr. Kurtz had and saw the letter from Ruth.  Both Ruth and Kurt wrote over 1500 letters and yes, they are all saved.

Ruth and Kurt met up in the last week of March 1949 as they were getting ready for their marriage.  Ruth took one look at Kurt and said, “Oh my, you are shorter than I thought .  You were so much taller than me when I was 7 years old.”  Both Ruth and Kurt came to America, first to New York and traveled by bus to discover beautiful San Diego.  They moved to Chula Vista in 1952.  They found their paradise.