Gloria Garcia Crosthwaite

Gloria Garcia Crosthwaite was born 1928 in Tijuana. She attended a rural school near the Garcia Ranch, which was located in La Presa by the Rodriguez Dam.

Her father, Tomas Garcia Felix (b. 1898), was born in Orange County, likely on the back of a buggy. He became a rancher, raising horses and cattle.

Gloria’s mother was Francisca Valdera Garcia (b. 1898 in Atlan, Jalisco).

Gloria’s mother Francisca had four girls and she wanted her daughters to become well educated socialites. The idea of having her daughters exclusively be raised on a ranch did not appeal to her, so about 1939 the family moved to Tijuana. Tomas would then commute to work on his ranch.

At the age of fourteen Gloria started working at a Curio Shop on Avenida Revolucion. There she met Alfonso Crosthwaite and they married in 1951. They moved to San Ysidro and Gloria had three children: Andres, David and Eduardo.

(Interview March 20, 2016)