Meet 9 holocaust survivors. 8 of them were in a ghetto, in hiding or in camps. One has a most unusual story of spousal abuse, a holocaust in her own home and became a hero by not being a bystander, making sure that this never happened again. Click on the photos to learn about the South Bay Survivors.

We are blessed that 4 survivors have told their story personally while others were through the eyes of family members. The subject is sensitive but so important. It is told so that it never happens again.

I wish to thank Esther Belinsky, Ruth Fastaf, Ed Fishauf, Anita Goldberg, Devra Gregory, Haya Levine, Gabriela Moutal, Aviva Rubin, Paul Wapner, Leah Weinstock, who helped keep their family’s legacy alive.

Thank you Mendy and Mussie Begun from Chabad of Chula Vista and Steven Goldkrantz from Temple Beth Shalom.

 Chabad will cater a kosher bagel brunch fundraiser on January 12, 2019. More information will be announced and this will give you a chance to meet our South Bay survivors and family members as well as meet the different Jewish temples in our South Bay community. Thank you South Bay Historical Society secretary Barbara Zaragoza who has been the museum guiding light with grants and updated web information, president Harry Orgovan, treasurer Patricia Huffman, Mitch Beauchamp, Ceasar Castro, Susan Johnson, Shelley Rudd, Peter Watry, librarian manager Joy Whatley, arts manager Lynnette Tessitore and Mayor Mary Salas.


There are 16 cases that will be featured and a huge picture wall on the back. Each case can be sponsored by a donation of $180.00 and the back picture wall is $1800.00. To sponsor the printing of photos and paint for the walls is a donation of $1000.00 for photo printing and $1000,00 for paint.

Please contact Sandra Scheller or 702-460-9000 to become a sponsor.

All donations are made to: South Bay historical society, a 501c3 tax donation organization preserving South Bay history and legacies.

We picked the number 18 because in Hebrew it  means life.  Here’s to a good life.

Chai Symbol

A donation of $18.00 would assist with our promoting, flyers and programs that are holocaust related throughout this exhibit.

Lastly, with the recent passing of Ruth Sax and Eva Moses Kor, we all understand just how important it is to keep the legacy of all survivors alive.  We must never hate and can never judge anyone because of his/ her belief or color.

Museum Curator, Sandra Scheller

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