Welcome to Fronterizos: A History of the Spanish-speaking People of the South Bay, San Diego.

This project consists of the following:


  • A museum exhibit that runs from January 27, 2018 to January 2019 inside the Chula Vista Public Library. The exhibit consists of about 100 photographs displayed in 16 cases. An ipad is part of the exhibit and allows visitors to view the interviews.


  • A museum exhibit catalog book that describes 200 years of Latino history in the South Bay. The book must be purchased through Amazon and covers the cost of paper & printing. The South Bay Historical Society (a non-profit organization) receives $1.00 for every book purchased, which goes to future history projects.


  • A website displaying over 50 interviews with South Bay locals, their family photographs and some videos of interviewees speaking. The interviews present an eclectic style. Some interviewees preferred to write their own history. Some spoke of their ancestry, others of their activism. 



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This project has been made possible in part by a Chula Vista Performing and Visual Arts grant and a Community Enhancement Program Grant from the County of San Diego. Individual donations also contributed to this work.


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